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Do you listen to your body ?

Do you feel aches and pains regularly with no apparent cause ?

Are you feeling Blah and don't know why ?

Or just feel something isn't right ? 

You have been to a health professional and they can't find a cause, or think it could be a virus that is going around and that it will pass.
The more in tune we are with our bodies, the easier it is for us to understand what is happening with in. 
Our bodies have energy centres, also known as Chakras . We have 7 main energy centres / Chakras. When these are out of balance, our bodies react by sometimes causing dis-ease in the body in or around that Chakra.  These Chakras govern the physical and metaphysical with in us. An example would be , Our Throat Chakra, located at the throat area, in a physical sense,when this is out of balance you can experience a sore throat , a cold, ear infections , and thyroid issues, so when we look at this in the "metaphysical" sense, we look at our communication. Is there an issue with public speaking, or speaking your truth , from your heart. Maybe you find it hard to find the right words to say to someone or for a speech. When balanced , we have no issues in this area, and we are communicating freely with out the fear of words, our words are positive and strong.

If you are feeling like you may be a little out of whack and  need a tune up / balance, you can book yourself in for an Energy centre/  Chakra Alignment and bring that balance back to your being leaving you feeling relaxed, balanced and strong again to get on with your day. We also offer workshops so you can learn more about the energy Centres / chakras and how they work for you.
For more information about treatments and workshops, contact Tracey via email enquiries@flourishmindbodysoul.com or call 0402220416.